Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yummy Christmas Treats

 It's just about that time of the year again and everyone is scurrying about trying to get their Christmas lists all filled out. Here's a yummy suggestion: BABY CAKES PASTRIES AND GOODIES.


*Date Walnut Bars
our classic recipe, still at it's best quality! delicious chewy bars just the way it's always been.
small (6pcs) Php 120.00
medium (12) 220.00
large (18 310.00
xl (24) 400.00

*Walnut Tea Cookies
delectable sugar coated, candy-sprinkled walnut cookies perfect with cocoa, coffee or tea! rich and scrumptious, one is never enough!
small (1 doz) Php 115.00
large (2 doz) 200.00

*Orange Poppy Seed Muffins

soft, yummy muffins with the fresh, sweet goodness of oranges...a perfect choice for breakfast, snacks, or anytime of the day!
6's Php 155.00
12's 295.00

mini muffin packs
6's Php 68.00
12's 128.00
24's 230.00

* Banana Muffins
an old favorite with a new twist. Old fashioned banana muffins with chocolate and/or walnuts.
6's Php 80.00
12's 150.00

Walnut/Choco Walnut
6's Php 98.00
12' 190.00

Sampler: 12's (3pc/variety) Php 210.00

Mini muffins

any variety 6's Php 45.00
12's 80.00
24's 135.00

Please give 3-5 days lead time for delivery. Free delivery to most areas.
Send me a comment or email, or text 09159545294  for orders and to coordinate delivery.


imom said...

Page bookmarked! Will be back to finalize orders. :)

Ria said...

great @imom! im sure you wont be disappointed!!!! :-)

earthlingorgeous said...

wow! ang galing mo naman magbake! di ako marunong ever! ahahahaha!

zorlone said...

How can you stay on a diet when these are the yummy treats that face you everyday.

It's just not fair. :(


Ria said...

i agree's so hard to go on a diet when the smell of freshly baked goodies fill the house!!!

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