Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cheers to Christmas!

24 days to go till Christmas!

In just a few short days, one of the most wonderful times of the year will come upon us again :-) Pardon the carol-y description, but that's really what the season is all about right? Christmas time also brings out a wide array of gastronomical treats, many of which are indulgences we either try to avoid or have limited access to during the rest of the year. In my family, the major indulgence is a homemade roasted turkey with matching bread stuffing and candied yams. Even though it is a constant figure in the Christmas table, it never becomes old! Like many Filipino families, we also have fruit salad as a big favorite.

For me, I love having rich and indulgent ice creams and cakes, which I try to scrimp on during the rest of the year. Bizu cakes, Haagen Dazs Ice Cream and food for the gods are just a few of these things!

As I count down the days to Christmas, I will do so with another blog contest here!  It will run from December 1-14, 2009. It's so easy to join and there are so many ways to increase your chances of winning!

All you have to do to join is as follows:

Countdown to Christmas and Win with Yapatoots!

1. Answer the question: "What is your favorite Christmas treat?" by leaving me a comment below. (required) Please leave your email address below so I can contact you should you be the winner!

2. Become a follower or subscribe to my blog via email (required). Steps 1 and 2 automatically give you 2 raffle entries.

For additional chances to win, you can also do the following:

1. For 1 extra entry, tweet about this contest! Please leave the URL of your tweet in the comments section so I know you did it :-)
2. While you're at it, for one point, follow me on Twitter too!
3. For another extra entry, plurk about this contest! Again, please leave the plurk URL here so I can verify.
4. For 5 extra raffle entries, blog about this contest! You can even just cut and paste the entry mechanics :-) Don't forget to link your entry to the contest post and send me your post URL so I can take note of it!

What's at stake? A Php 500.00 gift certificate to Haagen Dazs and your choice of one of the following Baby Cakes Treats: a 6-pc box of Date Walnut Bars, a small box of Walnut Tea Cookies, a 6-pc box of Orange Poppy Seed Muffins OR a 12-pc box of Choco Banana Muffins.

That's not it...

For a chance to DOUBLE UP your prize, leave me a comment here :-) Please note that only unique commenters from December 1 onwards qualify for the Double Up Promo!

CONTEST is open to METRO MANILA residents. However, if you are from the provinces you are welcome to join as well, provided you make your own provisions for the use of the GC's.

The WINNER will be via an online randomizer on December 15.


frannywanny said...

i'm the first participant!! :D

my favorite christmas treat is a tall toffee nut frappuccino!!! :)

p.s. i'm following you na sa twitter!! and yes i will plurk about this :D

plurk: http://www.plurk.com/p/2tsbov


Iris Pulga said...

I've always loved cupcakes so cupcakes will make me happy this xmas!

- subscribed to your blog (iris_rebao at hotmail.com)
- http://www.plurk.com/p/2tuiva
- following you on twitter as well (irispulga)
- blogged about it here: http://entrepremom.info/2009/12/win-some-baby-cakes-treats-and-ice-cream-from-yapatoots/

I could not leave a comment on the other site, why kaya?

Thanks Ria, hope I'll win!

Justine said...


My favorite Christmas treat I guess is "halya." That's what I'm always looking for everytime I'll spent the Christmas in our province. But when I'm in the metro, Starbucks holiday drinks are my best bets!

I've subscribe to your blog via email:


Jenn said...

Hi Ria!

My favorite Christmas treat is the buco pandan salad.

- subscribed to your blog (janujennifer@yahoo.com.ph)
- blogged about the contest at: http://taraletseat.blogspot.com/2009/12/christmassy-treat-from-yapatoots.html
- followed you on twitter (janujennifer)
- tweet: http://twitter.com/janujennifer/status/6250610145
- plurk: http://www.plurk.com/p/2ty1im

Good luck to me! =)

earthlingorgeous said...

here's my entry!

my favorite treat is my dad's chicken salad... it's the best ever very different from all the chicken salad I've ever tasted... maybe I'm biased but I don't think I am haha... Thank God dad taught me how to do it... if I see you in Christmas or can bring some in Bora for New Year I'll let you try it hahaha.

subscribed via my email mearthcedes at yahoo dot com .

Zorlone said...

Favorite Christmas Treat = Revel bars I don't know, I just like the sweet and kinda soft inside of the revel bar that melts in my mouth.

Following you with my @zorlone name on twitter.

Here is the tweet URL
I even got a friend to RT it

Plurk here it is

So, far that's all I have.

Merry Christmas and keep that diet! Will subscribe in a while.


fjordz said...

Ako naman, my fave Xmas Treat is Lechong Baboy. Hahaha! Basta kumpleto na ang Pasko ko pag meron niyan! Syempre mahilig ako sa chocolates at iba pang matatamis but iba pa rin pag may lechon hahaha!

anyways, here my entries for this contest:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/fjordz/status/6294538432

Blog: http://fjordz-hiraya.blogspot.com/2009/12/what-is-your-favorite-christmas-treat.html

Plurk: [Hindi ko alam kung bakit di ko siya mabuksan, pero meron ako diyan for sure! Naka Ping.fm ako eh hehe]

Feedburner: Nag-subscribe na rin ako under fjordz.allego.hiraya@gmail.com

Followed your blog thru Google Connect

Ayan ha! Lahat sinalihan ko! Hahaha! Goodluck to this contest! Apir teacher ria!

Ellen Joy Castel said...

Every Xmas (and even if it’s not), I always crave for Tiramisu and Frappe :)

Ellen Joy Castel

What I did :
• Followed your blog using Google Friend Connect
• Tweeted this contest: http://twitter.com/ellenjoycastel/statuses/6297966148
• Followed you on Twitter
• ‘Plurked’ about this contest: http://www.plurk.com/p/2ujukg
• ‘Blogged' about this contest: http://ejcayaba.blogspot.com/2009/12/join-yapatoots-countdown-to-christmas.html
• I also left a comment in http://yapatoots.blogspot.com/2009/10/i-dare-to-be-fit-n-right-again.html

Yehey! Mission complete! :)

Best of luck to me kasi my mom loves Haagen Dazs super. :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

was here. got here through iris's site..

mee-i said...

"What is your favorite Christmas treat?" the center piece on table HAM or anything Italian (pizza or pasta) tsaka yun bagong kulo na HOT CHOCO (mmm)


followed u on twitter/ tweeted :D

(posted on plurk)

PS: di ko po alam panu kunin un status link ko sa twitter at plurk. (doh) thanks :)

Lagawan said...

my favorite christmas treat/s is a buko pandan salad and brazos de mercedes!!! :)

• Followed you on twitter http://twitter.com/AudreyRose

• Blog about this contest: http://www.dbuzztoday.com/2009/12/09/countdown-to-christmas-contest-by-yapatots/



joanne said...

my favorite Christmas treat is my mother's home-cooked HAMONADA :)
* Followed you on twitter http://twitter.com/langga_joanne
*tweeted about this contest
*plurked about this http://plurk.com/p/2xe7ww
*and about to blog this contest,i'll just post it here later :)



joanne said...

i blogged about this contest : http://socyberty.com/holidays/countdown-to-christmas-and-win-with-yapatoots/

joanne said...

hey, i have read your tweets today.. so what's up?:) the contest is going well?

Iris M. said...

-"What is your favorite Christmas treat?"
My mom's hot chocolate and puto bungbong or bibingka

-subscribe using aeirin at gmail dot com

- blog about it. http://www.pinayads.com/2009/12/sweet-treats-from-yapatoots/



-made a comment using IRIS M.

Bagel said...

folowwed you on twitter

username: chinky_baguette

email address: chinky.baguette@gmail.com

Bagel said...



e-mail: chinky.baguette@gmail.com

Bagel said...

my favorite christmas treat is my nanay's halayang ube!! yum yum!! mahirap gawin pero sobrang sarap after!

Bagel said...

please check my blog:


email address: chinky.baguette@gmail.com

thanks for the opportunity!

Bagel said...

followed your blog through google connect:



Bachuchay said...

My favorite Christmas treat is lechon.. hehe yum yum!


heartlocks19 said...


My favorite Christmas treat is my tita's fruit salad cake... This is really mouthwatering. I'm looking forward for it this Christmas...

I'm already a follower.

I blogged your contest here:

Advanced Merry Christmas!!!


topdog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
topdog said...

My favorite Christmas treat is blueberry cheesecake from Chocolat.

- followed you in your blog (philip [dot] villaseran [at] gmail [dot] com)
- followed you in twitter (philip_v)
- plurked it (http://www.plurk.com/p/2z539c)
- tweeted it (http://twitter.com/philip_v/status/6654766366)

czaroma said...

My favorite Christmas treat is my lola's homemade hamon!

+ followed your blog - czaroma

+ contest tweet:

+ followed you on twitter - czaroma

+ made a comment at Day Dream believer - comment 94 czaroma

Stephanie said...

My favorite Christmas treat are roasted chestnuts and seedless grapes. It just reminds me of the nice and warm feeling at home with family.

Plurked it at http://www.plurk.com/song412

Merry Christmas to you!

Email: einna41287@yahoo.com

silverscreensurfer said...

Miss Desserts’ very moist Choco Decadent. I’m almost salivating while typing it! This makes Christmas worth looking forward to.

++ subsrcibed to your blog (iamsilverscreensurfer@yahoo.com)

++ following you on twitter (mizteryouze)

++tweeted your contest (http://twitter.com/mizteryouze/status/6657102009).

++also left a comment at http://yapatoots.blogspot.com/2009/10/i-dare-to-be-fit-n-right-again.html under mizteryouze.

my email: iamsilverscreensurfer@yahoo.com

Cheers, Ria! Hope I win!

Ria said...

thank you all for joining! Pardon the slight delay in selection of the winner...i am cramming an order of christmas cupcakes today and tomorrow. I will tabulate your entries and select a winner by weeks end! Thanks again.

*tweenkle, tweenkle* said...

awww. i missed this contest. darn. :S just had the chance to bloghop. anyway, miss you ria! :S

and yes, i still wanna answer the question, "What is your favorite Christmas treat?"

I love my ham and warm pandesal with a mug of hot chocolate. :) yummmmm! :)

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