Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kain Na!!!! (Let's Eat!!!)

Isa sa aking pinakapaboritong pagkain ay pizza. Kahit saan, mapa-3M o Greenwich, Pizza Hut o Yellow Cab, basta pizza, siguradong swak na swak sa akin yun. Ito ang aming tinanghalian noong isang linggo...ang napakamurang promo ng Gourdo's pizza! Bihira ako magpakuha ng litrato na naka-wacky mode, pero sa sarap ng pizza, di ko napigilan!

Pizza is by far, one of my most favorite things to eat. No matter where it comes from, be it 3M Pizza, Greenwich, Pizza Hut or Yellow Cab, pizza's are definitely a sure win for me. Last Friday, my co-teachers and I decided to have lunch out and try the Gourdo's pizza promo. I read it in my friend Rowena's blog, Animetric's World. Imagine this: 3 gourmet pizzas all for the low price of Php 499. That's about the equivalent of one from most pizza chains, and at some, not even their large pizzas.

There were four variants to choose from, but I personally liked the vegetarian one best. Even my co-teachers, who aren't big fans of veggie pizzas, enjoyed it a lot too. On the other hand, the Hawaiian, which was incidentally the most expensive technically, was a bit disappointing as the ham they used wasn't so good. The Margherita pizza was quite good too.

Overall, it was a good deal that we got at Gourdo's! Would I try it again? OF COURSE! We were so full we weren't even able to try the gelato!!!

I'm sharing this shot as my Litratong Pinoy for the week. Come see more LP's here!

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