Sunday, November 8, 2009

Filipino Flair at Sentro 1771

When dining out, I often make it a point not to go to a restaurant that serves Filipino fare. It's not that I do not appreciate our cuisine, it's just that coming from a household of good cooks, I get my fill of our our own flavors. From tinola to sinigang, kare kare and dinuguan, I get to savor most of these at home so when I eat out, I look for something else.

However, during the 8 to Educate dinner, my fellow bloggers and I were treated to a sumptuous Filiino feast with a flair at Sentro 1771. Known as the First in Modern Filipino Cuisine, Sentro definitely gives the classic Pinoy a fresh new take. Since it's opening in 2002, it has wowed both local and foreign diners.

Sentro 1771 is one of the 8 restaurants participating in Virlanie's 8 to Educate Campaign. By ordering their Fried Chicken Cutlets or the Catfish Adobo Flakes you dontate to educate a child care of the Virlanie Foundation.

Although I was not able to sample these popular dishes, I finally got to sample their house specialty, Sinigang na Corned Beef. I can see why this is a big favorite. The tender and tasty corned beef definitely gives the classic sinigang a unique flavor. The broth was sour enough to my liking. I had heard a lot of raves about this dish and I can definitely say it is well deserved.

They also served the ever popular Crispy Pata and several other dishes, whose names, unfortunately, I was not able to glance at the menu to see what they were. What I enjoyed most was the appetizer they served: Fresh Smoked Fish Spring Rolls. I loved the flavor of the tinapa that worked well with the freshness of the vegetables.

Sentro 1771's other house specialties include Sizzing Tofu, Tomato Kensong Puti Salad, Catfish Sentro Style, Rated GG (Galunggong), Sentro Roast Chicken, Spinach and Glass Noodles, and for dessert, Halo Halo.

Sentro 1771 is located at Serendra (across from Bonifacio High Street), Taguig and at the 2nd level of Greenbelt 3. Sentro is a member of the Chateau 1771 Group of Restaurants.


Cesca said...

Hi Ria,

You read my mind... I love Sentro.. you have to go back there and try the Catfish Adobo Flakes, (bonus! you will help the kids pa!) This new dish of theirs is truly FANTASTIC, be aware though, matakaw siya sa rice sobra!!!! buti nalang, they have brown rice to aid on my carbs... hahaha..

Bur for serioius Ria... It is so yummy!!!

Btw, I love your blog, I am a new fan!!!


Ria said...

awww :-) thanks cesca :-) that makes me feel like all my blogging efforts are worthwhile!

i will try that soon :-) i should consider going brown rice soon too! let's get together soon!

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

i love their sinigang na corned beef and coffee pie!

Ria said...

@u8mypinkcookies: i should try that coffee pie next time. it sounds good!

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