Monday, November 9, 2009

The Lunch Box Project

A few weeks ago, I wrote in one of my blogs about my realization that my daily take-out lunches is my way of contributing to the destruction of our earth. Because I am always in a rush, I often find myself buying lunch from a food stall outside the school. The meals are packed conveniently in a styrofoam box. I said that I will make a conscious effort to bring a lunch box or reusable container everyday so I can stop adding to the trash and non-biodegradable wastes that are piling up all over the world.

A few days later, I came across a fan page in Facebook called The Lunch Box Project. They describe themselves as "a bunch of people ask that their fast food & jolly jeep orders be placed in their lunchboxes instead of styro containers in an effort to shrink the toxic trash pile" and their mission is to "save the world from the styro monster". Cool huh?!? :-)

I will admit that I have not yet gotten into the bandwagon completely with this. I still forget every now and then to bring my container. Today, however, when I ordered my food from Ate Ems, I was pleased to see that she has switched from a styro box to a paper bowl. Yey! While there is still waste with this, at least it's better than the styro, right?


Hotchiqqa said...

You know what hawkers do here? If you want to take-away your food.. they'll put it in microwaveable containers.. the usual circle tupperware. A really nice, right?

And sa kaka-take away ko.. I have like 5 or so microwaveable containers in different sizes! Hahaha

Ria said...

Teacher Grace,

Nice nga yung ganun e....not only does it help limit wastage you have free containers pa haha! kaya lang dito some people throw the recyclable containers away naman! grrr.

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