Monday, October 26, 2009

Yummy Baby Cakes Date Walnut Bars

Hand's down the best Date Walnut Bar(also known as Food For the Gods) recipe I've tried! Rich, buttery and chewy, these scent of these bars baking mark only one thing for me: the Christmas season. You see, every Christmas my cousin and I roll out our cutting mats and baking pans to get ready for our 3 week baking marathon. Among our favorite and best-selling recipes is this handed-down top secret recipe. It's so secret that we only have pre-packed mixtures of the ingredients for us to work with!!! Nonetheless seeing the packs of walnuts, dates and the stacks of butter all lined up always elicit almost instant salivation. I personally like my FFG kinda overdone because it makes it more chewy (or makunat to be exact).

Okay, you might say I'm a little bit biased with my statement that this is the best FFG. Then again, many of our loyal customers can attest to our claim on this delectable treat! For inquiries about Baby Cakes Date Walnut Bars (Food For the Gods) and other products, please call or text 09087568789 or email

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