Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Refreshing Way To Burn!

When the ad campaigns of Del Monte's Fit 'n Right first came out, I quickly dismissed it as yet another marketing ploy to get you to buy something you don't really need to begin with. I thought, how can a juice drink (especially since I had previously been told juice drinks are sugar loaded and unhealthy) can actually help you lose weight.

However, after being invited to the Fit 'n Right Bloggers Launch last week, I changed my mind. Fit 'n Right's unique blend of L-Carnitine and B Vitamins 1, 6, 12 are scientifically proven to aid in weight loss. This was proven by a study conducted by the University of the Philippines headed by Dr. Leonora Panlasigui. Results of their study showed that when combining diet, exercise and recommended servings of Fit n' Right, participants lost of as much as 16.7% body fat in a six-week period.

The secret behind this breakthrough drink lies in the L-Carnitine which helps turn fatty acids into energy by transporting these acids to the body's mitochondria, which is known as our cell's powerhouse. As such, fat is burned more quickly. The Vitamins in Fit 'n Right also help speed up one's metabolism. If taken 2 hours before a workout, you maximize fat burning potential thus aiding in weight loss.

Fit 'n Right is available at most leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. Flavors include Blueberry and Grape, Apple, Pineapple, Pine-Orange, Grapefruit and Four Seasons. Fit 'n Right is available in either 300 mL or 1 L bottles.


Arlene said...

i got that! but F & $ ads on TV is misleading. They didnt promote diet and exercise. It simply said that when u drink F&R for months uL lose with the excess weight.

Great research results. :) Rai, i wonder, how many servings of F&R and dapat e take sa isang araw?

Ria said...

I agree with you when you say the ad is misleading. Parang ganun lang kadali mag diet no! haha. Recommended ang taking it daw 2 hours before exercise, I forgot right now but I think up to three servings?!? SERVINGS not bottles ha!

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