Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cool Summer Treats at Bizu.

A patisserie or pastry shop may not be the wisest resto choice for a dieter...but who can resist the call of Bizu Patisserie?!? It's inviting store decors and set-up alone is are enough to lure you in...

Thankfully, this summer they are featuring a new item on the menu: cool summer sorbets. We often think "sherbet" when hearing the word "sorbet" and for the most part, perhaps the most commonly available flavors, especially here in Manila, are buco and calamansi or lemon. In Bizu, however, Chef Sander was whipped up a batch of delicious and cool sorbets for you to enjoy on a hot, summer day. While it may not be 100% guilt-free, it definitely is a way better choice over ice cream...

My personal favorites was the mango and passionfruit. It had just the right blend of sweet and tangy. It was definitely quite refreshing! I was also looking forward to the green apple and mint variant, but it was not as good as I thought it would be, despite it still being good nevertheless. It just seemed to lack a wee bit sweetness for my personal taste. Chef Sander said his favorite was the raspberry and merlot, and I can see why. It was indeed a special blend.

To satisfy the sweet tooth, try out their new Yoga Cake. Their new masterpiece, as they'd like to call it, is describeas as "a blissful union of tropical passion fruit and hearty yogurt, spread with just the right amount of lemon custard ,placed in between layers of moist sable and genoise sponge". Yes, it is still a cake but for someone who is looking for a lighter and yet just-as-filling option, this is definetely a welcome treat!

I enjoyed this cake a lot, despite it missing the requisite chocolate in desserts :-) The combination of fruits, yogurt, lemon custard and moist sable and genoise sponge cake was hit the spot just right. An added bonus of getting a Bizu cake is that it is available in those mini cake sizes, that way I am portion controlled, even if unintentionally :-)
Bizu is located in many malls in the metro, including Greenbelt 2, Greenhills Promenade, and Alabang Town Center.


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Wow these are great. they look really yummy.

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