Friday, August 27, 2010

Join Lea and Be a Souperstar :-)

Being a teacher, one thing my kids' parents always ask me is how to get their kids to have better eating habits.Often times, they complain about how they can't get their kids to finish their food or to eat healthier food options. They also talk about how difficult it is to get kids to eat something other than fried chicken, chicken nuggets or hotdogs.

My answer has always been the same: there are three steps to good eating habits.  These are setting a routine, firmly and consistently observing this routine and being creative with what you give them. For example, getting kids to eat vegetables can be a challenge. Rather than giving them the veggies as they are, incorporate it into other dishes, such as adding shredded carrots to burger patties. Also, kids love soup on their rice, so they can definitely use this to their advantage. This is made even simpler with one of the most widely known and long-trusted soups, Knorr.

However, coming up with new and interesting recipes on a daily basis can be difficult for busy moms and homemakers. In comes Lea, who describes herself as a "domesticated Carrie". As the Souperstar of the blogosphere, she shares here experiences of trying to juggle everything a busy mom has to deal with on an everyday basis in her blog. She also shares different soup recipes in her blog. Her recipes are not only about soups, but also about how you can use the different Knorr soups in various recipes that kids will surely love.

Join Lea Souperstar in her continued quest to be the best mom she can be :-)


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