Saturday, April 10, 2010

On A Diet Daw turns One!

I didn't realize how quickly time flies! It's hard to believe that one year has passed already since I started blogging in this domain. If only I had been more aware (or perhaps paid more attention!) I could have hosted a contest! The reason why I actually realized that my blog had turned one year old was because I was thinking of cooking up a contest and I was browsing on what merchandise to use as a prize. I wanted to do something like what the site Patay Gutom did with their key chain promo.

Anyway, although I may not use it for this particular blog, I thought about mugs or perhaps custom t shirts as promotional materials and prizes for my future contests.I liked looking through the music tshirts category because they had cute slogans and designs, but for my purpose, I probably would use something in the food or education sections. I know I don't really have a large fan base yet, or have something to really advocate for at this point in time, but I guess this can be handy information in the future. For example, my cousin Inaki, who is running for a counselor seat in his home province this coming elections, can sure use inspiration from the T-shirt Guy to come up with a catchy and effective campaign t-shirt.


Ellen Joy said...

Happy birthday to your blog :) Congrats Ria! :)

zoan said...

happy anniversary to your blog Ria :) naalala ko tuloy yung last yr na pakontes mo, sumali kasi ako :)

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