Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sushi with a Twist: Terriyaki Boy's Crazy Rolls

I am a big fan of sushi. In fact, I'm willing to give almost any kind of sushi/maki a try, at least once. I used to love going to those buffets in Saisaki because of all the sushi! The other day, my friend J asked to have dinner in Terriyaki Boy. It's been a while since I've indulged in Japanese food so I agreed.

I had my mind set in ordering a dish of Agadashi Tofu or Tofu Steak, after all, I'm trying to watch my weight, right? However, I got tempted by their Crazy Rolls. Even though it is rice based, I decided to go ahead and try some. It took me a long time to decide which one to try because there a dozen varieties to choose from. Finally, I decided to try the Firecracker Roll. I chose this for two reasons: first, it was made with salmon (others were made of chicken) and second, it was had the best photo appeal! I know the second one was kind of an airhead reason for choosing a dish, but I went with it.

The Firecracker Roll is described as "a display of color and various flavours. Minced fresh Norweigan salmon smothered with chili oil with our very own chili dressing rolled in green fish roe and black sesame seeds, topped with shoestring wanton" and was served with their crazy dip. I didn't particularly like the dip much, but the sushi was delish! I liked it better with soy sauce and wasabi. The Firecracerk Roll sells at Php 240.00.


suzaku_lace said...

So beautiful, it's heart and diet breaking :)

Cher Cabula said...

I never dared myself to try them. Next time nga I will.

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